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Children's Ministry

DCIU is a family church and ministering to children is our greatest joy and a big part of our mandate.  Our classes are organized according to age, starting with the three- and four-year-olds in Baby Class, all the way to the Shift Class for 14-year-olds.

In addition, this ministry organizes activities to cater to various interests and needs of the children.

  • Juniors Camp: For Class 3-5
  • Seniors Camp: For Class 6 and 7
  • VBS: Vocational Bible School during school holidays
  • African Children’s Prayer Day: Interdenominational prayers held across the continent
  • Jewels Club: This is a program that seeks to develop talent among children is several areas – Dance, Music, Fashion, Drama – while nurturing a knowledge of the Word and a love for God.


DeliTeens is the teens’ church at DCIU. We are Jesus fanatics and one of the noisiest churches in Nairobi. Our vision is to raise a God-fearing generation that is able to stand strong and present the word of God in schools to the glory of God. Our mission is straight to the point: Launch vi-deep, Develop vi-broad and Impact vi-major!

In addition to the Sunday service, DeliTeens also has other engagements:

  • IGNITE – This is a teen-centric discipleship program that runs from 8-9 a.m. before the DeliTeens service. We hold a crash-program during the school holidays for the boarders
  • Small Groups – These are special cells for Teens that meet every third Sunday of the month after the DeliTeens service
  • Prayers and Bible Study – Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, you can’t afford to miss prayers and Bible study every Thursday at the Teens’ sanctuary 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The Y Church

We are a dynamic church that believes in steering young people towards connecting with God, and creating a sense of belonging for individuals to be nurtured. We employ our God-given talents to bring positive change in our communities. Our target is to become leaders who through the power of the Holy Spirit can confidently share the Gospel of salvation through word and action. Our vision simply put is to get young people to Connect, Belong, Develop and Rise.

In addition to Sunday service, The Y Church also has other avenues of fellowship:

  • New Converts Class – This caters to those who are newly saved to teach them the Word and ground them in the faith
  • Troops – These are youth cells organized according to geographical locations where young people gather on a weekly basis to share and encourage each other in Word of God. Troops provide networks of relationships that foster accountability. It is not just being together but doing together. It is not just doing anything together but it is working together to accomplish God’s will.

Cell Groups

DCIU is a large family. We rely on small groups to enable us to offer primary pastoral care on a one-on-one basis, provide biblical training for growth, and act as a place where we each can feel connected and share our lives. Cell groups gather once a week based on area of residence or work for in-depth Bible study, fellowship and accountability. Our cells are organized according to Zones for ease of coordination. See the tables below to find a cell near you then contact us for how you can join.

GRACE ZONE: Umoja 1, Tena, Mombasa Road

HOPE ZONE: Umoja 2, Umoja 3

LOVE ZONE: Umoja Innercore

PEACE ZONE: Kangundo Road – Komarock, Nasra, Saika, Obama, Ruai, Kamulu, Joska

JOY ZONE: Thika Road, Buruburu, Airport Road, Diaspora – South B, C, Kilimani, Karen etc.

Men’s Ministry

We are mighty men who are God-fearing, and are examples of Christ in the family, the church and in the society. As men in our homes, our communities and at DCIU, our objectives are to

  • DEVELOP – train men to take initiative in leading and become positive influencers;
  • PROTECT – to keep safe from harm or injury;
  • MENTOR – older men to advise or train young men;
  • SERVE – to perform duties or service for others and for the DCIU family.

Our small groups meet on a monthly basis to share and pray together as well as organize to carry out activities in line with our objectives.


  1. ROPS: The Rites of Passage is held every year as a safe, Christ-centered space to mentor for boys who have completed Class 8 as they venture into a new season.
  2. Man Enough: This is an 8-week challenge for adult men, ran in conjunction with Transform Nations. It “empowers men to understand real masculinity, find a safe space for authentic, raw and manly conversations, connect with other men, embrace purpose & significance and, face personal challenges to become better men”.

Men’s prayers every Saturday morning from 7-9 a.m

Ladies Ministry

We are an assembly of transformation where ladies are ministered to in all aspects of life. The Ladies’ Ministry coordinates activities through small groups for effective ministry. Every lady in DCI-U has a place in the Ladies Ministry where she can serve effectively and where she can be ministered to. Please contact the office for more information on how to plug in.


  1. The VUKA Camp equips girls after Class 8 with knowledge and life skills to help them negotiate this season of transition with grace, confidence and awareness.
  2. The Crisis Counseling Centre provides members of DCIU and the community with professional counseling services, free of charge.

Music Ministry

Our goal as DCIU’s Music Ministry is to transform society through passionate and accessible corporate worship. We function in the body to train, disciple and lead the body of Christ in corporate worship through music. We encompass vocalists and who have dedicated themselves to lead praise, worship and adoration during the church led activities e.g., crusades and services led by various ministries and mentor God-given talent to raise generation after generation of worshippers. Besides training on becoming better musicians and leaders, we are sure to spend time in personal worship, prayer, and study of the Word so that we can pour from a replenished cup.

Missions and Evangelism

Missions and Evangelism is a key ministry in Deliverance Church International – Umoja. It promotes church growth and expansion by facilitating missions and evangelistic activities internally and externally. Our goal as Missions and Evangelism is to have an effective, well-coordinated and holistic outreach ministry.

We conduct monthly internal and external evangelistic missions giving many an opportunity to hear the word of God and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Activities include door-to-door witnessing, open-air meetings, film ministry, medical camps, weekend challenges, Christian Union meetings and church services.

  1. Operation Rudi Nyumbani (ORN) – Outreach beyond Nairobi
  2. Operation Hapa Hapa – Outreach within Nairobi, especially in our neighborhood
  3. Prison and Hospital Missions
  4. School and College Missions

We also train members of the DCIU family to be effective evangelists wherever they go.  

Medical Services/VCT

Our Voluntary Counseling and Testing centre has been serving our neighborhood since 2008. Four years later, we opened a youth-friendly branch at our Kangundo Road campus. Out of an estimated 978,000 people living in Umoja Innercore, around 85,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS.

In addition to offering medical services to our community, we work hand-in-hand with the Missions and Evangelism Ministry to gather medics within the congregation to minister in medical camps during our missions.

Our immediate goal is to convert our existing centres into Comprehensive Care Centres to better serve our community.