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Missions and Evangelism

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Missions and Evangelism is a key ministry in Deliverance Church International – Umoja. It promotes church growth and expansion by facilitating missions and evangelistic activities internally and externally. Our goal as Missions and Evangelism is to have an effective, well-coordinated and holistic outreach ministry.

We conduct monthly internal and external evangelistic missions giving many an opportunity to hear the word of God and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Activities include door-to-door witnessing, open-air meetings, film ministry, medical camps, weekend challenges, Christian Union meetings and church services.


Operation Rudi Nyumbani (ORN) – Outreach beyond Nairobi

Operation Hapa Hapa – Outreach within Nairobi, especially in our neighborhood

Prison and Hospital Missions

School and College Missions  

We also train members of the DCIU family to be effective evangelists wherever they go.