Deliverance Church International – Umoja

Who We Are

Our Vision

Deliverance Church Umoja is “The Centre for Transformation”, where people’s lives are transformed through – the saving grace of Jesus Christ, sound doctrinal teachings, discipleship and mentorship.

Our Mission

Deliverance Church Umoja is a holistic ministry that exists to proclaim the Word of God and serve the community through evangelism, social, economic and cultural programs, leadership development, mentorship, discipleship and capacity building in Kenya and beyond.

Our Core Values


We shall continue to maintain a high standard of moral integrity, financial integrity, accountability in handling scriptures, and in family life.

Hospitality/Love/Care and Compassion

We exist for the transformation of society through mercy ministries, providing relief and care, medical services and other ministries that bless the community.

Inclusiveness and Teamwork

We shall exercise an apostolic mode of leadership at all levels: nationally, regionally and locally, that makes room for all, men, women, professionals, young, old, to exercise their God given gifts in the Body of Christ.


We seek to promote wholesome relationships and friendship among leaders and the congregation at all levels in family, social and ministry interactions.  

Teaching the Word/Fellowship/Prayer/Praise and worship based on faith/Holiness/Fruit of the Spirit

Every congregation shall be characterized by audible praise, worship, private and public prayer, and public preaching from scriptures. These shall be manifested through exercising our faith, practical manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit and holiness characterized by the fruit of the Spirit.


We shall seek to implement new means and methods of raising material and financial resources for the sustainability of the work of the ministry.


We shall seek for new and relevant means, ways and methods of doing ministry in a changing world, without compromising the core message of the gospel.

Sacrifice/Commitment/Sacrificial service

We expect all our ministers and members to raise their level of commitment and sacrifice to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the course of the gospel.

Order/Sound doctrines/Excellence

We shall endeavor to maintain sound doctrine and excellence in handling of the Holy Scriptures, in preaching and practical living, and maintaining kingdom order in all our Church services.


Every person who holds a position of leadership in DCIU shall function from a position of a servant and not a master, as exemplified by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


We will work with individuals and organizations outside DCIU that are like minded in doctrine to assist the church to achieve its vision and mission.