Deliverance Church International – Umoja

Deliverance Church Int'l - Umoja

Centre For Transformation

Word of Welcome

From The Bishop's Desk

Dear Transformer,

As those privileged to be the covering and oversight of this great family, we want to welcome you to Deliverance Church Umoja. From a fledgling group under a tent in 1984, God has enabled us to grow to where we are today and He deserves all the glory and honor. We operate under the prophetic dimension that our mandate is to make space for God’s people and it is His mandate to fill it. What an honor!

It is our desire that every member of this family is nurtured and equipped to be who God called them to be. From salvation – an inward change – to daily growing in the knowledge of Christ. Our prayer and desire is that at DCIU you will experience God in a way that your life, your family and the society as a whole will never be the same again.

So, whoever you and wherever you have come from, know that God brought you here. And we are excited for what He has in store. Watch out world, here comes yet another transformer!

Bishop J.B &

Mrs Persiah Masinde.