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As the year begins, we want to give thanks for all the Lord has done for us. We invite you to join us and participate in our prayer and fasting program starting from 2 January 2023.

Our prayer guide shall be updated daily with prayer points, bible verses and songs to guide you along the program. Check the link below for more details.

Theme Song

Daily Prayer Guide

Happy New Year, Transformers!
We commence our corporate prayer and fasting season today with thanksgiving in our hearts.
There is so much to be grateful to God for. Use the scriptures in the graphics as you guide to pray and check the first comment for a song to start off your thanksgiving playlist. Pray as the Spirit leads. This is your time so make it count.

Prayer Point: Give thanks to God for thus far he has brought us. He is Ebenezer! By His grace, we have seen the New Year. Everything we have is a gift from His hand. 

Bible Verses: Isaiah 12: 4-6, Psalm 103: 1-4, Colossians 2: 6-7 

Transformers, today we are in Matthew Chapter 6. Let us assume the right posture for prayer as described in verse 5-8. Take time to do some house keeping so that you are clear as you begin this journey. Today’s points focus on establishing the foundation of who we pray to and why we pray. May God the Father reveal Himself to you.

Prayer Point: In this New Year, let us pray as the Lord Jesus taught: First, directing our prayers to our Father in heaven. Second, understanding that our prayers must align with and exhibit the kingdom of God.

Bible Verse: Matthew 6:9-10  

Good morning, Transformers!

Yesterday, we asked for God to establish His Kingdom on earth. Luke 17:21 says that the Kingdom of God is within you and me, that it is internal before it is external!

Let us prepare ourselves to be worthy carriers of God’s Kingdom today. First, you must believe in Jesus as Savior. Second, you must repent, not just in words but in a tangible change that others can observe. May God help us.


Prayer Point: A key to seeing the Kingdom of God in our lives is believing in Jesus Christ, and true repentance. 

Bible Verses:  John 3:5-6, John 3:16-17, Matthew 3:1-3, Matthew 3:8-12 

Good morning, Transformers!

We continue from repentance and salvation into consecration, which is the act of setting apart, of making holy and presenting to God. We have not been redeemed to just coast through life but for a purpose. May God speak to you today. 

Prayer Point: A Let us consecrate ourselves today, meaning separation from evil, devotion to God and unceasing pursuit of holiness in life. 

Bible Verses:  Psalm 51:10, Romans 6:13, 19, 1 Corinthians 6:20, Romans 12:1-2 

Todays Worship: 

Happy Friday, Transformers!

Having affirmed our salvation through faith in Christ, and set ourselves apart for God’s use, let us boldly approach the throne of grace.

Our scripture references are centered on revelations of who God is. As you read and pray, may the Holy Spirit reveal Him to you. And may you be drawn into deeper worship in His presence.

Prayer Point: Receive revelation of who God is and worship Him. 

Bible Verses:  Isaiah 6:1, Jeremiah 10:1-6, Psalm 19, Psalm 89:5-18, Psalm 96, Psalm 104, 1 Chronicles 16:23-27, Revelation 4:7-11 

Todays Worship: 


Good morning, Transformers!

God is mantled in splendour, majesty and glory.

God is all powerful, all knowing ever present.

God is the creator of all things, the giver of life.

God is glorious in battle, God is exalted. God is above every other God.

All Authority belongs to God. He reigns in victory and Glory. He has conquered.

God is seated on His throne. He is exalted and lifted up.

He is worthy of adoration, of worship, of fidelity, of honour. 

Todays Worship:  

Blessed Monday Transformers!

Before we embark on sustained intercession this week, let us apply ourselves to learning about and strengthening our relationship with the Holy Spirit. We often forget that He is God and worthy of worship. He is a person who can be grieved or pleased. He is a comforter, teacher and friend. He is also an unfathomable source of power: we read of Him from Genesis to Revelation.
These scriptures are but a starting point. May you have an encounter with the Holy Spirit of God.

Prayer Guide:  Pray for revelation of the Holy Spirit. He is the one Jesus Christ sent to instruct us in all things including prayer.

Bible Verses:  John 14:16 - 17, 26, Acts 13:2, Romans 8:14 - 15, 26 - 27, 1 Corinthians 2:10 - 11.

Good Morning! 

Today, we are contending for the salvation and deliverance of our families. We claim every soul for salvation and separate them from the traditions, curses and infirmities of the past generations. May God guide you as you build an altar for your family.

Prayer Guide:  Pray for the salvation and redemption of your family. May your sacrifice speak on behalf of those connected to you. 

Bible Verses:  1st Samuel 17:25 - 27, Joshua 2:8 - 14, Joshua 5:2 - 4, 7 - 9, Joshua 24:14 - 15, Acts 10: 24, 30 - 35, 44 

Good Morning! 

If there’s one thing that God used the pandemic to teach us it’s that #wearethechurch. Not the chambers of stone, metal or glass but each and every one of us are living stones. We are also the people of God and the Bride of Christ. We are members of one Body, with varying functions but a common purpose.
Today, pray for this family. We may fall short, offend one another but we are all works in progress in the hands of God. Repent on our behalf and set us right before God.
Pray that for our leaders. Pray for the staff. Pray for every volunteer and resource giver. Pray for each campus, and every department.
Pray that we will not miss out on what God wants to do in and through us.

Prayer Guide:  Pray for DCIU: the living stones that make up this church that we will know the will of God and fulfil our mandate in each generation.  

Bible Verses:  Psalms 68:6, Hebrews 10:24-25, Acts 12:5 - 17, Acts 2, Ephesians 5:1 - 21

Good Morning! 

Transformers, let us continue to pray for the church today.
Pray for Deliverance Church as a whole, in Kenya and other parts of the world.
Pray also for unity within the Church in Kenya. May we always operate as the salt and light within the land.
We are also praying for those who are followers of Christ in hostile or difficult environments. Don’t forget to thank God for the privilege of worshiping freely.
May the Lord continue to prepare His bride even as the Spirit and the bride say “Come.”

Prayer Guide:  Pray for Deliverance Church in Kenya, that we will not miss God's visitation. Pray for the Church of Christ in Kenya to take the place God has granted her. Pray for fellow Christians around the world facing persecution and lack.   

Bible Verses:  Genesis 26:17 - 18, Acts 6:7, John 12:32, 6:2 

Good Morning! 

Hey Transformers!
We are in for the final push this weekend. Stand in your place of authority over the land of Kenya. It is your heritage from the Lord, for you and your descendants to live in it.
May the Spirit of God who searches the heart of God guide you. This is the generation that will possess the gates to the glory of God. 
Prayer Guide:  Pray for the government and the leadership of Kenya; that they will serve the people.
Break strongholds holding us back: corruption, greed, mediocrity, bureaucracy, waste, bloodshed. Declare peace over Kenya; disarm internal and external threats.
Pray that God establishes Kenya as a harbour of peace and prosperity.
Pray that our economy will thrive, cost of living will decrease and our markets will be healthy.
Pray against famine and inclement weather, that rain will fall upon our farms and there will be food.
Pray for revival and in the land, that Kenya will fulfil her mandate for what God wants to do in Africa and the world.  

Bible Verses:  James 5:16 - 18, Psalm 34:15, Luke 18:1 - 8, Proverbs 14:34, Proverbs 11:10, Deuteronomy 11:11 - 14, Genesis 17, Jeremiah 33.