Deliverance Church International – Umoja

PreMarital Counselling

Pre Marital Counselling

Deliverance Church Umoja highly esteems marriage. We believe that marriage is a precious gift from God and that is for life. Therefore it must be undertaken responsibly after serious thought and preparation.


Set up your mariage for success from the start. Premarital classes provide an unbiased platform for you and your spouse to tackle marital struggles before they ever come up.

Intake Ongoing

Intake is currently ongoing. Classes begin on 29th January 2022.

Application Form

Each person should complete a separate admission form and submit it to the church office, after which the couple will be interviewed by a pastor to consider their suitability. We ask you to answer all the questions with honesty and integrity. You may use a separate piece of paper if the space provided is not sufficient.

Pre Marital Counselling Class

Application Form


    I agree to attend all ten sessions.
    I agree to be on time for each session. I recognize that my lateness disturbs the group and harms my learning.
    I agree to complete assignments between sessions so that I can grow and have meaningful interaction with the teaching material .
    I agree that whatever other group members share in the group is to be kept confidential. This is an expression of love and respect for other members.
    I agree to do all I can to create an atmosphere of trust in the group. When there are differences of opinions or experiences, I will seek to be non-judgmental and respectful.
    I agree to be teachable, accountable and honest.
    I agree to find a mentor couple within four weeks and to meet with them at least four hours a month.
    I agree to let my teachers, mentor couple and fiancée/fiancé confront me in love so that I can grow.
    I agree to be accountable to my mentor and supervisors regarding my purity goals.
    If I do not keep this covenant I understand that the teachers, supervisor or group will decide whether I can continue the class for any reason, my payment is non-refundable