Deliverance Church International – Umoja

The Y Church

We are a dynamic church that believes in steering young people towards connecting with God, and creating a sense of belonging for individuals to be nurtured. We employ our God-given talents to bring positive change in our communities. Our target is to become leaders who through the power of the Holy Spirit can confidently share the Gospel of salvation through word and action. Our vision simply put is to get young people to Connect, Belong, Develop and Rise.

In addition to Sunday service, The Y Church also has other avenues of fellowship:

  • New Converts Class – This caters to those who are newly saved to teach them the Word and ground them in the faith
  • Troops – These are youth cells organized according to geographical locations where young people gather on a weekly basis to share and encourage each other in Word of God. Troops provide networks of relationships that foster accountability. It is not just being together but doing together. It is not just doing anything together but it is working together to accomplish God’s will.