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Centre For Transformation

Welcome to DCIU website. Here you will find useful information, access resources, and connect with the larger DCIU family. We desire to help you grow in walk with God. As our lives are transformed by the saving knowledge of Christ, we in turn transform our families and the communities in which we live.

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Ruth: 1 11 – 17

Brethren there is no inconsistency in Gods character but there is unpredictability in His activities. We may have an idea of where He is taking us, but we might not be acquainted with the way He will take us. Therefore, we must learn to wait on God, it’s hard but it doesn’t mean doing nothing. As you wait on God these are the things you should do:

1. You must have a target, have an agenda.

Ruth had a specific goal in mind, she had encountered Boaz because she knew what she was going after. You must research and seek the face of the Lord.

2. As you wait, Wash your face.

This literally means don’t let your past affect your present. Forget about your past if not so it will pollute your present.

If you focus on your past, you will be stuck. Naomi told Ruth, you cannot approach Boaz and still look like a Moabite. Don’t ruin where you are with where you came from. Let people not look at you and determine what you went through.

3. As you wait, Anoint your face. Put on a fresh attitude.

Child of God, if you don’t change your attitude, you’ll miss your altitude, you’ll miss an opportunity to go up. Your positivity has the potential to benefit all areas of your life, it allows you to be more open and resilient in the face of life’s day to day challenges.

4. As you wait, Get down to the threshing floor.

It means move to the place where the blessing is going to come from. Don’t allow your history to deter you from getting to your destiny, get to your destination and stay there.

5. Never try to shine when the light is not on you. Wait!

Ruth waited until when Boaz woke up and discovered her, she never said anything until Boaz talked to her, her strength was in knowing when to be silent and when to talk. You see we only shout when we neglect what silence can do, you must understand that the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear and that’s what Naomi wanted Ruth to understand.

Here are some of the benefits of waiting and trusting in the God of all possibilities.

  1. It Renews your strength (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social)
  2. It gives you the Capacity and Energy to Mount up with wings like Eagles
  3. It gives you the Ability to run with your vision and purpose for your life.
  4. It gives you more vitality in the pursuit of your destiny
  5. It gives you the Ability to walk in excellence and power (AUTHORITY).

Spiritual transformation doesn’t take place when we get what we want. It takes place while we’re waiting.