celebrating the life of

Rev. Rebecca

nziwa jagemi

1967 - 2021


Wednesday 05/05/21

memorial service

Deliverance Church Umoja international

01:30 - 02:00

guests are seated

02:00 - 02:20

opening prayer and Praise and Worship

02:20 - 02:30

opening remarks and euology

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- cell groups

- ladies

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international tributes

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dci - sub - region


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04:20 - 04:30

prayer for the family

04:30 - 04:40

announcements and closing prayers

Thursday 06/05/21

transportation nairobi to vihiga



body transport to kisumu

5 pm

Arrival home

Friday 07/05/21

graveside celebration of life


09:00 - 09:05 am

opening prayers

09:05 - 09:25

Praise and Worship

09:25 - 09:35


09:35 - 10:05


- family

- dciu


- dci

10:00 - 10:45


10:45 - 11:00

prayer for the family

11:00 - 11:05

vote of thanks

11:10 - 11:30

laying of body


laying of wreaths




The late Rebecca Nziwa Jagemi (popularly known as Rev Beckie Baraka) was born on 4th July 1967 at Iduku Village, Mbihi Sub-location, Vihiga County. She was the 8th born of the late Abisal Jagemi and the late Esther Ayago.

The late Rev. Rebecca was a beloved sister to the late Grace Nyangai, the late Ambayo, the late Pamela, the late Melissa Nyongasi, Amos Jagemi, Elisha Jagemi and Samuel Amisi.

She was a dear niece to Cherita Mbalanya and a beloved aunty to many.


The late Rebecca Jagemi attended Iduku Primary School at Iduku Village. She later joined Mbihi Secondary School where she successfully completed the National Examination (KCE). She later joined KAG-EAST University for her higher diploma and a Degree in Theology where she graduated with a First Class Honours.

Career and Ministry

The late Rebecca submitted her life to Jesus in February 1984 while at Mbihi Secondary School at a Christian Union Rally. Upon completion of her High School studies she joined Kifaru Primary School Umoja 2 in Nairobi as an untrained teacher. She taught Gymnastics and Mathematics where her pupils excelled marvellously. It is at Kifaru Primary school where the late Rebecca got involved in various mission activities. These included but not limited to; Co-founding the Joint Fellowship Ministries in Vihiga, serving in Inter-denominational Meetings, Deliverance Church Mission Team and the Children’s Ministry in which she taught Class 2 and Class 3 Second Service. It was in the process of serving that she felt a divine calling that led to a decision to join KAG-EAST School of Theology University and later becoming a full time Minister at Deliverance Church, Umoja.

The late Rebecca was a Ladies’ Ministry (Daughters of Faith) Coordinator for Nairobi North Region and Deliverance Church Umoja. In her line of Ministry she also coordinated various ministries including the Missions and Evangelism Ministries. She was an elder and a member of the Local Church Council at Deliverance Church International Umoja.

The late Rebecca was a recognized Evangelist and a Great Teacher of God’s word both locally and internationally.

Health and Fitness

The late Rebecca was taken ill in April 2020 where she was sadly diagnosed with Lung Cancer at Aga Khan Hospital. She bravely and faithfully fought against this ailment until she succumbed to it on 1st May 2021 at 6am.

2nd Timothy

Chapter 4:7-8

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the Crown of Righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award me on that day and not only to me but also to all who have longed for his appearing.

Rev. Rebecca

nziwa jagemi

1967 - 2021


We the sister of Beckie loved our sister very much. As our older sister she was a mentor. She loved her family very much. Our sister was a lovely sister, she used to bring together the whole family once a year to discuss how everyone was doing and other important family matters. She loved to see us as her sisters working together in unity and harmony. She had a habit of calling each and every one of us often to see how we were doing. Beckie you truly loved us as our sister… you helped us a lot, you stood with us diligently. She was a beloved aunty and a beloved grandmother. Our beloved sister, we loved you dearly but the Lord loved you more.

Truphosa Aliviza, Selifa Afandi,

Truphena Jagemi, Janet Olisa, Mary Jagemi

To Our Dear Rev Becky…

We loved you but God loved you more…
When we think of you and the impact you had in or lives, we are almost at a loss for words, but we are never at a loss completely…
So what words actually describe you…

You have been our mentor role model, advisor our confidant, prayer warrior the list is endless…

You taught us the value of fervent prayers, fasting, reading the word of God… “wapendwa tumuishie Mungu” was your mantra.

You also taught us to love ourselves and enjoy life… Some of us boarded our first plane to Zimbabwe courtesy of you just for a 10 day holiday cum mission work.

We have celebrated wins together and cried together… you taught us to be accountable to each other that’s where we birthed our name… Accountability Group.
We have celebrated weddings, baby showers, funerals together and the list is endless…

On behalf of all your mentees we send our heartfelt condolences…

Shine on your way our dear Rev Becky.

Accountability Group

Beckie ulikua wa msaada mkubwa snaa kwa maisha yangu. Ulijidhihirisha wakati ulichukua nafasi ya kua kama mzazi maishani mwangu, wakati nilipokua katika shule ya upili ulinipigania ili niweze kumaliza masomo yangu. Ulifanya familia yangu kusimama kwa msingi uliofaaa. Kwa kweli nita kukumbuka daima, Rest in peace.

Elisha Moi

Rev. Beckie ulikua wa msaada mkubwa sana kwa maisha yangu na zaidi ulijidhihirisha ulipojichukulia majukumu ya kua mama na baba wetu. Umenitendea mengi kama ndugu yako, na nina omba Mwenyezi Mungu arehemu nafsi yako.

Amos Jagemi

Those of us who have ever been and are part of the Joint Fellowship owe eternal gratitude to God for Rev. Becky. God used her passion and zeal to Co-find the Joint Fellowship Ministry in Vihiga that constituted the youth who had just cleared school. This began in year 1988. Among the early she started with were, the late Patrick Akuso, Rev. Zavani, Rev. Zebedee Amunavi and Linet Atandi among others.

The fellowships started at Iduku, Kidzivi and Womulalu and later spread into the subcounties of vihiga, Bunyore, Sabatia and later Nairobi, Kitale, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kakamega…

The flame in her passion has left us with fire and zeal to continue to preach

Rest well Gallant soldier of the Gospel

The Joint Fellowship

It is such a surprise to realize that Becky came to us many years ago because it seems like a precious, few days have passed. And it is impossible to think of Beckie without thinking about the late Matthew because they were counterparts. Memories of these two servant of God’s who we have lost a month apart are intermingled in our hearts.

While teaching at Kifaru Primary School in Umoja, Becky joined Deliverance Church Umoja and it was immediately evident that there was a gift of God inside her. She had a passion for preaching and worked as an evangelist. She preached the gospel in schools, camps, crusaded and one-on-one, to people from all walks of life and all ages.

We sent her to bible school without a doubt, she excelled because that was just her. She took on very task set before her with passion. She worked in the Ladies Ministry in Umoja and as a coordinators in the Nairobi Sub Region.

From a pastor she grew in grace and was ordained as a Reverend of Deliverance Church in Kenya. She led the missions and Evangelism Ministry with Zeal and was a pioneer of Operation Rudi Nyumbani, DC Umoja’s monthly outreach to various parts in Kenya.

Rev. Beckie became a lecturer at our Bible School under her brother the late Rev Mathew Wambua, and excelled in that as well. Her students knew that she would expect the best in her exams and assignments and she would go as far as to follow them up during their internship placement. When Mathew moved to shoulder other responsibilities, she took on the mantle as the principal of the Kings Bible College, presiding over six graduations and serving in that post until the end of her life.

She was also the head of the Cell Group Ministries at DCIU and would not relent in communicating with ad encouraging her leaders even in her last days on earth. She was a leader and an integral part in launching Inuka Afrika, the expression of Salt and Light Ministries International in Africa.

Rev Beckie was a celebrated evangelist not only in Kenya but Zimbabwe, Zambia, the USA, the UK and to the Scandinavian Countries. Her messages would fill the alter with souls seeking to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and she was passionate to see new believers rooted in the word and growing grace.

We will miss Beckie dearly. She has been a faithful daughter and a worthy soldier in the Kingdom. She bore the scar of many battles but lived with faith in God and a song on her lips. She did not let her single-hood deter her from growing as a minister but used it as a testimony to mentor many young girls into ministry and marriage. We have not lost a daughter but a son; because she served the vision of the house. And because of God’s Kingdom, we are all sons and co-heirs with Christ.

Bishop J.B and Mrs Persiah Masinde


Yohana Yahurira Mwoyo

Yohana Yahurira Mwoyo,
Nigorova Vomenyo
Vwa Nyasaye vuve na vandu
Naye aremenya navo.

Yarora rihulu rihia
Kandi nirova rihia
Nyasaye yavikira yavoo
Ava tovele veve

liko lango moja wazi

Liko lango moja Wazi
Ni lango la Mbinguni
Na wote Waingiao
Watapata nafasi

Lango ndiye Yesu Bwana
Wote Waingie Kwake,
Lango lango lango lango 
La Mbinguni li wazi.

Hii ni lango la raha
Ni lango la rehemaa
Kila mtu apitaye
Hana majonzi tena.

Tukipita lango hili
Tutatua mizigoo
Tulio chukua kwanza
Tutavikwa uzimaa

- end -

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