Unlimited 2014 – Beyond There

Chosen Ministries, presents the Unlimited 2014 Event at Deliverance Church Umoja from 16’th to 19th October..

  • Dates:  Thur 6-8 pm (Defining There), Fri 6-8 pm (Getting Out of There), Sat 9 am – 4pm (Functioning in the Beyond), Sun 3 – 6 pm (Worship Experience)
  • Speakers: Pst Moses Ngetich, Pst George, Pst Pam, Joyce Mkawasi, Nancy Kachingira, Dan Mwangi…
  • Music By: Kagosa wa Kagosa, Manoa & the Band, with Calvary Temple Choir & DC Doni
  • Entry:  Free


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